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5 Clever Ways to Add Personality to Your New Kitchen

August 7, 2017 10:57 am
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For many homeowners, the kitchen represents a tricky design challenge. There’s fun to be had with renovations in this space, but it can be difficult to add true sparkle and personality. After all, there are more restrictions here than in any other part of the house. You’ve got to work around a long list of key features and appliances.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your cooking space. One of the best is to work with a Stowmarket design specialist. They can help you plan and create a bespoke kitchen installation. When you go ‘custom,’ you get the freedom to add unique perks like invisible storage solutions, vintage accessories, and made to measure countertops.

How to add personality to your new kitchen

This guide to getting the most out of your kitchen installation will give you some clever tips.

Invest in a Copper Sink

There are no real rules for bespoke kitchens. You can mix and match materials, combine different finishes, and try things which look and feel a bit ambitious. For instance, copper detailing is growing in popularity right now.

Some style savvy homeowners in Suffolk are investing in gorgeous copper sinks and faucets. The material isn’t as pricey as genuine marble and it creates an upmarket aesthetic without looking too flashy. It gives off more of a rustic, country house vibe.

Mix Up Your Handles

One very affordable way to spice up a kitchen installation is with a change of knobs and handles. Even ceramic knobs cost little compared with the expense of entirely new cabinets, so you could save some money if you’re on a budget.

Copper, chrome, nickel, and bronze are superb options, because they add visual sparkle. They look rather striking paired with subtler matte surfaces. Plus, you can beat the budget by investing in cheaper metals with high quality brushed finishes.

Illuminate in Style

Lighting is very important for a kitchen installation, as it regulates the mood. However, do remember that it’s perfectly fine to have a combination of moods within this space. Kitchens are multipurpose, so they should have multifunctional light fixtures too.

The problem is that most people restrict themselves in the kitchen. Mix it up and do something different. Add a decorative table lamp to a surface or sideboard, so that you can choose between overhead and softer illumination. It’ll look quirky, chic, and just a little bit Parisian.

Create Material Matches

You don’t have to settle for all chrome or all rustic, traditional wood. It is possible to strike a very appealing balance between soft and hard materials. For instance, stainless steel appliances look great in a new kitchen installation. They are crisp, clean, and cool.

However, too much steel threatens to take away that sense of comfort and homeliness. You can bring it back by framing metal appliances with warm wood counters and cabinets. Try to make sure that your appliances and cabinets have a similar style.

Add a Snazzy Toe Kick

The toe kick is the strip of space which connects low down cabinets to the floor. It tends to get overlooked by homeowners, but with a few small touches, it can elevate the room. For instance, installing a metal mirrored panel creates an almost glowing area of the kitchen.

It visually expands the space, provides a nice contrast between hard and soft materials, and it can be achieved for minimal cost. Little details like this one may seem superficial, but they draw the room together and make your kitchen design unique.

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