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Small Kitchen Design Inspiration

February 25, 2020 1:01 pm
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Don’t give up on design if you have a small kitchen, space isn’t everything and they hold so much more potential than you think. Embrace it and use these ideas help your small kitchen space exceed expectations!

Design Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Co-Operating Cabinets

When it comes to cabinet space and organisation, your choice of storage can significantly impact the way your kitchen feels. If it’s small, you want it to feel as spacious as possible, right? Here are some ways you can achieve this without sacrificing storage facilities.

Cabinet-Free Walls

Cabinet-Free Walls

You expect every kitchen to have wall cabinets but that doesn’t mean that they are always suitable. Wall space is critical for small kitchens, so you shouldn’t cover it up with cabinets. Instead, use shelving, which is open and organised, so you can draw your eye up to the ceiling whilst still having the ability to store essentials.

Statement Wall Cabinet

Statement Wall Cabinet

Another alternative to small, wall-hung cabinets is an individual statement cabinet. In the between traditional wall cabinets and a full-blown larder, you can gain just as much storage with one large wall cabinet. Either an open-fronted or glass door cabinet make it feel open and part of the space, rather than a separate feature that takes up a noticeable amount of room.

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Pull-Out Cabinets

Pull Out Cabinets

Cluttered work surfaces and cabinets will make your whole kitchen feel cluttered, even if it is hidden away! This is where shelved pull-out cupboards and organised drawers come in. These pull-out cabinets offer more storage that you first think as they can be wider and deeper, as well as offering easy accessibility.

Effective Kitchen Design

It is commonly believed that muted colour palettes of white, cream and pale grey are the only options for small kitchens. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, so here is how you can incorporate a wider range of colour and design into your small space.

Consistent Colour

Consistent Colour

It doesn’t matter what colour you choose, as long as it is consistent throughout the entire room, it will give a greater sense of space. Each part of the kitchen will seamlessly flow into the next with a constant colour scheme. Alternatively, using different tones from the same colour can also achieve this illusion for your small kitchen.

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Statement Pattern & Design

Statement Pattern & Design

You don’t have to pick a neutral design for your small kitchen, you can still choose patterns and statements because they can be used as distractions. What about a statement floor? There are many options to choose from when it comes to flooring, from patterned tiles to natural materials, which can all be used as a subtle diversion from the lack of space.

Embracing the Space with K2B Bespoke Kitchens

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