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How to Redecorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

January 28, 2020 3:09 pm
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Is your kitchen looking a bit worse for wear? Do you want a new kitchen for 2020 but don’t have the budget for it? Have no fear, there are a number of ways to redecorate and upgrade your kitchen without splashing loads of cash.

Read on to discover how to renovate your kitchen on a budget.

A Good Scrub & Clean

Dedicate some time to give your kitchen a full-on, deep clean. By reaching into all of the nooks and crannies, dusting and polishing so everything shines, and attacking your oven and fridge with all the elbow grease you have, your kitchen will look as good as new.

Just because your space is looking a bit tired, it doesn’t mean you have to install a whole new kitchen. Bring it back to life with a professional clean, identify where repairs need to be done, and appreciate the kitchen that you’ve got.

Organised Storage

One thing you can do after this deep clean is to sort out your kitchen cupboards and worktops. Storage will always help improve your kitchen and keeping your worktops tidy and clear gives the illusion of more space. Utilise all the space you have for your storage solutions and see the difference straight away.

Reuse and Repurpose

Don’t chuck out the old, you installed your kitchen in the first place for a reason – because you liked it! So, instead of getting a whole new kitchen unit, take a closer look at your existing one first and what you have got around you.

Do you have anything lying around the house or in storage that could be reinvented for your kitchen? Recycling doesn’t just refer to plastic and rubbish, upcycle knick-knacks you already own.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If you have wooden cabinets, you could strip these, sand off any paint and retreat them with a different colour to create a fresh new look.

Another Lick of Paint

As well as kitchen cabinets, you could also give your walls a fresh lick of paint or give your space a complete rehaul with a new colour scheme.

Accessorise & Redecorate

Kitchen accessories can prove to be the little touches your space needs in order to make a big impact. Many items fall under the category of accessories, including appliances and crockery, but here are some that will probably fit your budget a bit better:

Cabinet Handles

Replacing the handles for a new style or just a refurbished look can make your cabinets look fresher and add a little pop.


When it came to designing your kitchen, you probably came across the huge number of different tap styles. Why not replace your old taps with a completely different and unique style?

Wall Art

It is not often you think of finding artwork to put in your kitchen, but it is a great way to add a unique touch to the room. Whether it’s hanging on the wall or propped on a shelf, find the perfect piece to add to your space.

Kitchen Decorating Advice from K2B Bespoke Kitchens

As you can see, redecorating your kitchen doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. Another way you could make a difference in your kitchen is by making just one significant change such as new worktops, updating your flooring, installing a splashback or creating a feature wall.

Talk to one of our Kitchen experts today or visit our showroom for inspiration on how you can redecorate your kitchen on a budget for the new year.

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