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Kitchen Storage: Larder Units and Bi-Fold Cabinets

April 9, 2019 9:00 am
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A kitchen redesign is the perfect time to consider your cupboard storage and explore the number of ways you can maximise space whilst doing so. We are going to discuss two strong candidates for storage options that we recommend at K2B Bespoke Kitchens in this article: larder units and bi-fold cabinets.

Larder Units

The larder unit is quickly growing in popularity due to its wide storage possibilities, easy accessibility, and clever use of space, whilst also looking incredibly elegant. Although it is a classic storage cupboard, it can be designed with contemporary styling in mind.

You may initially think that it does not fit into your new kitchen refurbishment, maybe due to size or design, but it can be adapted in a number of different ways. Larder units are available in a variety of measurements so you will be able to find the perfect fit for your space.

They come in a multitude of sizes and forms such as:


Built-in Larder Unit

A built-in larder seamlessly joins the surrounding cabinetry and is effectively invisible. Once the doors are open, your storage solution is presented with organisational areas and compartments like: drawers, shelves, baskets and wire racks. Efficiently space-saving and creating continuity throughout your décor, this is a great style suitable for any kitchen.

Pull-Out Larder

Kitchen Storage: Larder Units and Bi-Fold Cabinets

Also seamlessly built into your kitchen, instead of opening doors, you pull out your storage unit. Usually fitted with a number of wired shelves and baskets, you can easily access your kitchen essentials from both sides. You have the options to fit the measurements along with your other cabinet spaces or you could opt for full-height pull-out larders, which both maximise space and storage options.

Full Height Cabinetry

Kitchen Storage: Larder Units and Bi-Fold Cabinets

Full height kitchen cabinets allow you to utilise alcoves or unused spaces in your kitchen by installing shelves as an open space storage solution. You can have the addition of drawers to aid organisation, giving you easy accessibility to your kitchen essentials, whilst optimising your space.

Larder units are not only for big kitchens; they can be incorporated into a variety of spaces and designed for specific measurements. Not only will they provide ingenious storage solutions but will also add symmetry and balance. Full height kitchen cabinets will make a statement in any kitchen.

Bi-Fold Cabinetry

Kitchen Storage: Larder Units and Bi-Fold Cabinets

Bi-fold cabinet doors are an attractive alternative to the usual outward-opening doors. Consisting of several panels fastened together with hinges, the door is able to collapse or expand in a concertina; attached to a rail, the door moves along in a single plan of motion.

These are incredibly useful design features for kitchen cabinetry as they can open up without taking up work surface or walking space. For cupboards that are used often, these are the perfect choice as they are not only space-saving but stylish too. No matter the size of your cabinets, whether they are full height kitchen cabinets or regular sized cabinetry, bi-fold doors are flexible and can be configured to your specifications.

Maximise your space and, ultimately, your storage solutions with both of these kitchen design features from K2B Bespoke Kitchens. If you would like to book an appointment to discuss your project or storage needs in further detail, or arrange a home survey please contact us today.

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