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Kitchen Trends 2019

March 11, 2019 9:00 am
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Kitchen trends for 2019

If you were considering a kitchen revamp or refresh for the new year but still haven’t decided what to go for, here are a few kitchen trends for 2019 that could spark some creativity:

Matte Black

It may scare you to think of painting your kitchen space black, but don’t be – take the risk because it will pay off. Add some drama with some matte black accents, whether that be kitchen fixtures, hardware elements or a feature wall. Contrast is crisp so be brave this year and make your mark with matte black.

Kitchen Trends 2019 - Matte Black

Pop of Colour

Make a statement by moving away from the whitewash kitchen interiors and adding a pop of colour. Just one colour feature would brighten up your kitchen space and add some personality; coloured cabinets, patterned stools, different shades of light fittings, get creative and have some fun with your kitchen.

Kitchen Trends 2019 - Pop of colour


Take it one step further by incorporating two tones into your interior and inject some urban glamour into your kitchen. Mix it up with contrasting textures and colours, choose wood cabinets and then paint some with metallic shades or combine your granite worktops with lustrous metal fittings and hardware.

Kitchen Trends 2019 - Two Tone

Seamless Storage

Kitchen trends for 2019 sees a prominent movement towards concealed cabinets and integrated appliances; this means that with the touch-latch cupboards and doors, you can spend less on hardware and more on other significant features. Wraparound counters and appliances that stick out are a thing of the past, you can now have a clean finish to your kitchen with maximum storage and luxury.

Kitchen Trends 2019 - Seamless Storage

Raw Materials

Go back to basics and mother nature with rustic, raw materials for your surfaces. When it comes to choosing your countertops and backsplashes, opt for the natural with wood, stone, polished concrete or marble. Whether you choose the real thing or lookalike materials, bring the beauty of the outside in and see your kitchen thrive.

Kitchen Trends 2019 - Raw Materials

Organised Ornaments

Rather than displaying your favourite ornaments in your living room, bring them into your kitchen. The pop of colour mentioned before could be added through your accessories like rugs, artwork, vases, pottery and crockery that you could showcase around your kitchen space. By adding more of these items, you can add a sense of comfort and personal style, as well as following the artisan trend of 2019.

Kitchen Trends 2019 - Organised Ornaments

We understand any kind of changes can be daunting and everything needs to be perfect in order to see your vision become reality. If you are influenced by any of these kitchen trends but require some more advice, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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