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Modern Vs. Traditional Kitchen

August 22, 2019 1:25 pm
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If you are planning a complete kitchen renovation, this isn’t a quick decision and there are lots of things to think about, especially the style you want to go for. Are you torn between whether you want a modern or a traditional kitchen? Here are a few pointers to help you decide:

Modern or Traditional – What Are the Main Differences?

Traditional Kitchen Designs

Traditional kitchen design consists of a warmer and cosier atmosphere which can instantly feel like home. The main feature of a traditional kitchen is the wooden surfaces and finishes; the space is usually filled with an abundance of thicker and bulkier wooden cupboards. If the wood is painted, neutral pale hues are commonly chosen, such as cream or grey, to help the room feel comfortable.

Country or vintage patterns can appear around the kitchen alongside other classic surface materials like stone, marble or limestone worktops. The design is mainly focused around the cooker which is the main feature of a traditional kitchen.

How Long Does a Traditional Kitchen Last?

Traditional kitchens are well known for being timeless, which is why they are still present in homes today. The features of a traditional kitchen can be seen as sturdier and the fact that wooden surfaces can be repainted allows the option of a refurbishment without an entire revamp.

Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchen design consists of sleek efficiency which exudes minimalism and functionality. An obvious feature of a modern kitchen is the high-tech appliances; instead of a traditional agar, you will find an understated oven that fits seamlessly within the design. This seamless feel follows through to handless cupboards that provide hidden storage.

Colour schemes are simple yet effective, with smooth lines and a monochrome theme. Countertops usually feature wood, marble or stainless steel that are black, white or grey to ensure consistency throughout the whole room. Even though there are no complex patterns or striking colours, works of art can be used as decoration to add some personality.

How Long Does a Modern Kitchen Last?

Even though a modern kitchen design may not last as long as a traditional one, the quality of appliances and materials alongside the luxurious feel can still last a long time. By adding your own quirks, you won’t be following the fashionable trends as closely, therefore increasing the longevity of your kitchen.

A Mix of Both Traditional and Modern

Custom made, bespoke kitchen design gives you the ability to create a space that is truly unique for you. If you can’t decide between the two styles, why not incorporate elements of both into your individual kitchen?

It all depends on your personal preferences and which style suits you best, so talk to one of our experts today to discuss what you envision. Create the kitchen of your dreams with our bespoke kitchen design service.

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