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Peter and Caroline and Vergo

June 16, 2017 9:34 am
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Testimonial from Peter & Caroline & Vergo

Our new kitchen was installed in February and March 2017, after several months of preparation, discussion and looking around at the products and services offered by other providers. We chose K2B, mainly because we were persuaded by the friendliness and personal, obliging touch with which our initial enquiry was greeted, and because of the obvious high quality of the workmanship and materials of just about everything on display in the showroom. We never regretted that decision. Nor did we ever regret choosing the option of a bespoke, hand-made kitchen, where every detail can be tweaked and adjusted until you end up with exactly the right result. We changed our minds several times in the course of our discussions, and we sat at the computer for a couple of hours looking at different possible solutions before signing off the final, agreed design. Lee is a brilliant designer who is very patient with customers, and who doesn’t seem to mind in the least when asked to move something up a bit, down a bit, right a bit, left a bit until, in the end, everything is just the way you want it. In fact, I think he positively enjoys it!

Once a date had been agreed, installation happened exactly on time and was relatively quick – just under three weeks for our medium-to-large kitchen. But the period of real inconvenience was even shorter – not even ten days of no sink, no hob, no fridge or oven. And you are *never* left without electricity or water at the end of the day. We had two wonderful installers, Tony and Ben, for whom no detail was too much trouble and whose workmanship was of a very high standard. It was a real pleasure, rather than a nuisance, having them in the house, likewise all the other members of the team: the plumber, the electrician and so on. And everyone turned up exactly when they were meant to fit into the schedule. Magic!

A word of advice. Don’t decide you can’t stand the upheaval and go off on holiday for three weeks, tempting though it might be! If you did, you would almost certainly get the same, high-quality result. Moreover, we would have not have hesitated to leave any of K2B’s employees alone in the house or give them a key. But, when the time came, we found that there were so many minor queries still to be discussed and resolved, from the spacing of shelves to the exact positioning of handles, that we were glad we were around so as to talk to the fitters about the best solutions to any problems encountered along the way. After all, they have so much more experience of this kind of thing than we do, have ‘seen it all before’, and we were often very grateful for their advice about how to get the optimum result.

At the end of the process, we were completely thrilled with the outcome, and more than happy to pay the final invoice, which was exactly what we were expecting it to be: no add-ons, no unexpected extras, no ‘but it took longer than we thought’. We would recommend K2B to anyone, as a thoroughly honest company whom you can completely trust to take good care of your home, and who go to great lengths to ensure that the customer ends up happy with everything. Why go elsewhere?

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