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How to Revamp and Modernise Your Kitchen Sink

May 24, 2017 4:42 pm
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“What a Tap Transformation”

There are parts of our homes that we tend to take for granted, even though we’d be completely lost without them. The boiler, for instance, is something that we barely give a second thought until it breaks down. The kitchen sink is another good example. It serves countless functions, but it can become a bit of an afterthought when renovating the space.

Nevertheless, a high quality kitchen installation deserves a beautifully designed sink and faucets. Whether you’re washing your hands, rinsing veg, filling up tumblers, or wiping down surfaces, you need a tough, hard wearing basin which is going to add to the overall aesthetic of your Stowmarket home. The question is, what are the available options?

What To Consider When Revamping Your Kitchen Sink

This guide to picking the perfect kitchen sink will give you some ideas and inspiration.

Identify Your Needs

When designing a new kitchen installation, you should think about identifying your needs first. The best way to do this is to consider whether your old or current sink fulfils them all. For example, have you got enough space? Is one bowl enough or could you use a double sink? Do you have a dishwasher as well and will this affect your choice? Which side should the draining board be on so that it fits with your dominant hand?

Take Measurements

Usually, the size of a new sink is determined by the dimensions of the cabinets and worktops. Generally, it is recommended that you keep the basin in proportion with the rest of the kitchen. So, a good rule of thumb is to leave 90cm of free space on one side and a minimum of 45cm on the other. Think about the dimensions of the actual basin too. Many homeowners prefer super wide sinks, because it means that they can lay broad oven dishes and baking trays flat out on the bottom.

Select the Right Shape

You might be surprised to find out just how many different shapes there are for sinks. Obviously, square, oblong, and round basins are the most common, but it is possible to create custom shapes for unusual kitchens. Corner skinks, for example, usually have a curved draining board so that the entire fixture fits with the layout of the countertop. Alternatively, some homeowners prefer to have a ‘one and a half’ bowl. This is a larger sink with a smaller sink to one side. It makes it easier to wash veggies when the bigger basin is full.

Position It Correctly

There are two types of installation when it comes to high quality kitchen sinks. They can be either over or under mounted. Over mounted sinks are the kind of thing you imagine when picturing a modern kitchen. They on top of the counter, flush with the top surface and they have an integrated draining board. Under mounts, on the other hand, are more traditional and they create a gap in the countertop. They are often referred to as ‘farmhouse sinks,’ because they can resemble a trough or barn basin.

Pick a Great Material

When planning a bespoke kitchen installation for a Stowmarket home, there is a lot of focus on materials. This is because the choice of materials will determine how long fixtures last, how often they need cleaning, and whether they require any special care or treatment. Kitchen sinks are available in stainless steel, granite, ceramic, copper, iron, and even concrete. Stainless steel is the most popular option, because it requires minimal maintenance and it is very tough and hard wearing.

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