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The Benefits of a Boot Room

March 19, 2021 3:28 pm
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The boot room: a highly desired feature that can be designed to suit any style of home and lifestyle. العاب للايفون You may have only seen these in country homes, but don’t think that means that you can’t have one of your own. There are no set rules with boot rooms and there are many benefits to adding one to your home.

A Boot Room: What Is It & Why Should I Get One?

The Benefits of a Boot Room

What is a Boot Room?

Traditionally a room to transition from outdoors to indoors, the boot room has become a multi-functional space. It can be used as an entrance hall, a utility room and as a place for practical storage, all whilst making a timeless design statement.

With many uses and options, a boot room can provide storage for outdoor attire, a seating area for removing muddy shoes, and can function as a utility when designed with handy cupboards and shelves. الرهانات Although conventionally situated at the back of a home, current interior trends have seen the introduction of the boot room as an entrance hall, as something so beautiful deserves to be seen.

Why Should I Get a Boot Room?

The Benefits of a Boot Room

Keep Your House Clean

Primarily as a room designed to transition from outdoors to indoors, its main purpose is to keep the rest of the house nice and clean. Removing muddy shoes, cleaning muddy paws and shaking a wet umbrella can all be confined in the boot room and the mess can be left there. There’s no need to worry about bringing it into the rest of the house!

Essential Shoe Storage

Following on from the point above, as a place to put on and take off your shoes, footwear storage is an important factor when designing your boot room. We all know that shoes can be a major hassle to store and keep organised, so a dedicated room with essential storage can be a lifesaver on a busy morning. كيفية لعبة روليت

Remember to consider the different shoes you plan to store as boots may require taller storage, like a side open shelving unit which is perfect for sliding in tall styles. Also, there is an opportunity for integrated storage by choosing a bench seating area, offering the ideal location to tuck away shoes for quick and easy access, whilst keeping them neat and tidy.

Extra Utility Storage

If you are blessed with space, a boot room would fit perfectly in your utility room and offer extra utility storage. Alongside practical utility units, an integrated sink and a place to house your washing machine and tumble dryer, the boot room features the ideal space to store away household items.

The tall-door design allows the unit to maximise space in even the smallest of rooms, with a selection of different sized shelves for abundance of storage possibilities. This would create the ideal base for household cleaning products and laundry items, allowing you to keep it separate from the kitchen area, and giving you an alternative place to wash down muddy footwear.

Bespoke Kitchen Design & Furniture by K2B

No matter where it’s located, what size or what function you are looking for, a boot room is a small change that can make an extraordinary difference – you’ll be wondering how you got by for so long without one!

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