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What to Consider If You’re Considering a Handleless Kitchen

May 26, 2020 6:40 pm
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A handleless kitchen has been a desirable style for modern and contemporary kitchen designs for many years now.

This clean and effortless look is one of the most popular requests so, if you’re considering this for your kitchen space, here are some factors to think about before you make your final decision.

Considerations for a Handleless Kitchen

Both Sleek and Safe

The absence of handles comes with two-fold benefits. Without the handles sticking out of your kitchen cabinets, they are not just smooth and sleek, but they are also very safe. There’s nothing to catch yourself or your clothes on and nothing for your kids to accidentally walk into, just a beautiful and sophisticated kitchen.

A Timeless Investment

Even though there are no handles involved in the design, it can be more expensive than a handled kitchen. This is due to the specialist hardware and manufacturing process of the cabinets. However, the style is timeless and will not look dated in years to come; simple and elegant, a handleless kitchen is everlasting and can therefore be seen as a design investment.

Cleaning Requirements

It’s important to note that the channel which is used instead of a handle, on some designs, will collect dust and crumbs over time. Also, if you have to push your cabinets and drawers to open them, dirty fingerprints will collect frequently on the surface. Though, if you’re cleaning your kitchen anyway and normally include your cabinets when doing so, it shouldn’t add much extra time or effort.

What Appliances Do You Want?

You need to think about your appliances first before you decide on a handleless kitchen design. The main consideration is whether you are going to opt for integrated appliances or not as certain types of handleless kitchens work better than others with these.

Your Handleless Kitchen from K2B Bespoke Kitchens

A handleless kitchen can be both practical and stylish but obviously these are factors that have to be thought about before you make the choice.

If you would like an expert opinion on whether it would work for you, your lifestyle and your kitchen space, talk to us today or come and visit our showroom to experience it for yourselves. If you’d like to read more articles and insights, read through our list of tips, trends and general company news.

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